When you or your customers create a booking, you or your customers will be presented with a list of available dates and times to choose from. The calculation of these available slots is extremely complex and is, bar none, the best in the industry. It guarantees that you and your employees will never be double booked unless you take this action yourself.

  • Availability for a particular job is assessed on a number of factors, including:
  • Employees’ regular working hours
  • Number of employees required for the job (only considered for bookings where # of employees needed is indicated by the customer)
  • Employees required for unscheduled jobs
  • Manually created events (eg. vacation)
  • Complex shifts
  • Conflicting events
  • Appointment durations that have been dynamically calculated based on the size of the job

Further information on how availability is determined is indicated below.

Which employees are considered in the calculation of available start times?

Only employees who are assigned to a team are considered. Teams can be as small as one employee and as large as 10 employees.

On the calendar, there is a team that appears to have availability at a given time, but the start time doesn’t appear in the list of available times.

There could be several reasons for this:

  • The end time of the appointment falls outside of the team’s regularly scheduled working hours
  • The appointment conflicts with another event that is assigned to the team.
  • There may be unscheduled events for the same timeslot that the system presumes will be assigned to the team

How can I prevent a certain day from appearing as available on my booking form?

If you’d like an entire day from showing up as being available, create an event and mark it as being a day off.

How can I prevent certain start times from appearing in the list of available times?

To prevent certain start times from appearing in the list of available times, you’ll need to create events to block off the applicable time for each of your teams.

I have a team that doesn’t have any employees assigned to it. Will this impact the availability shown on the booking form?

No. Teams that have no employees do not impact the start times that will be show on your booking form.