Many service businesses have a set of customers who do repeat business with them on a regular basis (eg. every two weeks, monthly, etc.). Our platform has been built to make the scheduling of this repeat business as simple as possible. The process works like this.

Step 1: You or your customer will create a booking. When the booking is created, the frequency of the service will be indicated (eg. Weekly) on the invoice.

Step 2: Upon completion of the booking, our system will automatically setup the repeating appointments in your calendar.

Step 3: In addition to the repeating appointments, our system will automatically create a future-dated invoice for each future appointment that was created.

With the future appointments created, you’re now free to schedule them to your employees well in advance of the appointment date. Alternatively, if you’ve left auto scheduling enabled, these future appointments will be automatically assigned to your employees.

Changes to Future Dated Appointments / Invoices

At some point during your engagement with the customer, he or she may choose to add a service or remove a portion of the service that you’re delivering to them. Making this change to the future-dated jobs each easy and involves updating the Master Invoice for this reoccurring appointment. When you go to the customer’s profile, you’ll be able to access the Master Invoice for this customer by clicking on the button indicated below.

What is a Master Invoice?

A master invoice is not invoice that the customer ever has to pay -- it’s simple a record from which information is copied in order create or update future-dated invoices.

By making changes to the Master Invoice, these are transferred to all future-dated invoices.

What types of changes can be made to a Master Invoice that will then be transferred to future invoices?

  • Appointment Frequency
  • Appointment Time
  • Appointment Duration
  • Appointment Arrival Window (eg. Time buffer in the event that you're not sure exactly when you'll arrive)
  • Services and pricing
  • Taxes
  • Discounts
  • Preferred Team
  • Property

    One-Off Changes

    Sometimes, a customer may contact you and ask that the service that is delivered on the next appointment include an added service. For example, a client may ask that on the next house cleaning, she’d like for the carpets to be steam cleaned. This is not a service that she’d like each week as part of her regular cleaning. This change can be made in a few steps.

    1. Go to the customer’s profile and locate the future-dated invoice for the service appointment
    2. Click Edit
    3. Add the service to the invoice and click ‘suppress changes’

    The ‘suppress changes’ switch will prevent the master invoice from overwriting your changes in the event that the master invoice is updated before the appointment.

    Suppressing Changes

    The following items will not be copied from the master invoice to your future dated invoices with change suppression enabled:

    • Appointment Frequency
    • Appointment Time
    • Appointment Duration
    • Appointment Window
    • Services and pricing
    • Frequency Discounts
    • Coupons
    • Preferred Team
    • Property

    Appointment Cancellation

    If the customer wishes to cancel one of their reoccurring appointments, you can simply go into that future-dated invoice and click ‘Cancel’. This will cancel the future dated invoice and remove the appointment from the schedule.

    Deleting a Reoccurring Appointment

    If a customer has indicated their desire to cease business with you, you can easily cancel the reoccurring appointment using the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the customer’s profile page
    2. Select the reoccurring appointment
    3. Click ‘Delete Reoccurrence’
    4. On this page, select the future-dated appointments that you wish to delete
    5. Click ‘Delete’
    From this point forward, our system will no longer automatically create future dated appointments for this customer.

    FAQs for Reoccurring Appointments
    • Reoccurring appointments are created up to 90 days into the future.
    • Invoices for jobs that have already been completed will never get updated off the Master Invoice
    • Invoices that are paid, cancelled, or refunded don’t inherit changes from Master Invoices
    • Invoices with no calendar event do not inherit changes from Master Invoices.