Our booking software has been created so that any appointments that are booked on your website will fit into your schedule. Your schedule is a combination of:

1) The hours and days that you've outlined in teams' schedules and,

2) The appointments that you and your customers have booked into your calendar

With regards to the start times that appear on your booking form after services have been selected, the logic is a bit complicated, but we'll explain with an example.


1. We'll assume that you have one team and they have a start time of 8am and work for 8 hours each day of the week. This means that appointments can be booked only if they fit between 8am and 4pm.

2. Within the Booking Form Settings, we'll assume that the Length of Booking has been set to be 2 hours per $100 of the item total.

3. Within the Booking Form Settings, we'll assume that the Start Time Intervals is 60 minutes.

Example Scenario

Customer selects services on your booking form that total $215. When they go to select a time, the latest time available is 11am as seen below.

If we've specified in our calendar settings that the end of our day is 4PM (i.e. Start time of 8am + 8 hours duration), why then can the customer only book up to 11:00am? We'll explain below.

Based on the configuration indicated above along with the item total of the order in this example (i.e. $215), the appointment length would be calculated as follows:

$215 * 2 hrs/$100 = 4.3 hours = 4.25 hours (rounded)

Let's assume the user was able to pick 12:00PM (noon) as a starting time on the booking form. The system would calculate the end time of the appointment as follows:

End time of appointment = 12:00PM + 4.25 hours

End time of appointment =  4:15PM

Since the calculated end time of the appointment (4:15PM) is after the end of the work day as in the calendar settings (i.e. 4PM), the 12:00PM start time (and 1PM, 2PM, etc) are not valid start times and thus, not presented to the user.