If you currently own a website and wish to link it to a booking form that you've created on our site, you'll have to create a direct link to the booking form on your website. Attempting to embed the form directly onto your site will not work due to our 'clickjacking' projection.

Clickjacking occurs when a party acting with malicious intent places content on your website, commonly in the form of an iframe, with the intention of having your users believe that the content has been provided by you. Users may interact with this iframe believing that personal and payment information is being sent to you when, in reality, it may be sent to the malicious party. 

To prevent clickjacking, modern websites with reasonable security will prevent iframes from being embedded directly onto any of their pages. To limit your liability and conform with industries standards, the most appropriate integration between your website and the booking form that you create is a direct link on your website to the booking form. The booking form can be configured to send users back to your website following the completion of the booking.