It's important that you ensure that your booking form displays the services, prices, and payment options that you expect. You can create test transactions with your booking form simply clicking on Preview Website in the menu bar. Once on your website demo, click the “Book Now” link within the header of your website, and complete all steps of the Booking process.

If you have a Stripe form configured for your Booking Form, you can use a test card that Stripe has setup in order to test the functionality of your Stripe configuration.

Any 3 digits
Any future date
Any 3 digits
Any future date
American Express
Any 4 digits
Any future date

The test transactions that make use of the Stripe form can be seen in Stripe as test transactions. You can access these test transactions in Stripe by:

1. Logging into Stripe

2. Click "View test data" in the menu on the left so that it appears as follows:

3. Click 'Payments" in the menu on the left

Once you’ve created a test transaction on your website, you’ll be able to review the invoice that it generated by following these steps:

  • Close the website preview
  • Go to Invoicing  Invoices within the menu of this site
  • Click on the “View Test Invoices” button at the top of the page