Our product plans come with everything you need to grow your sales and your free time.
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Premium Plan
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$1500 No Monthly Sales Limit
Sub-domain Web Address Custom Domain Web Address
Custom Domain
Website Builder
Web Hosting
Booking Form
SMS Reminders
Online Payments with
Employee Portal
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Our platform is free up to your first month in which you generate $1500 in sales.
No credit card required. No strings attached.
Is the Free Plan really free forever? What's the catch?
That's correct! The Free Plan is free forever and you can stay on it as long as your monthly sales are under $1500. There are no catches. We do not require your credit card number while you are on the Free Plan.
My companies does more than $1500 in sales a month. Can I still try the product for free?

Absolutely! Immedaiatley after you sign up, you'll be on the Free Plan by default. Once you hit $1500 in sales, you'll have an additional 14 days of free use before you'll need to upgrade to the Premium Plan.

I already own a domain. Can I use it with this service?

Yes, you can use a domain that you already own with your PageSmack-powered website. For instructions on how to point your domain to our server, please see the following help article.

How can I use a domain that I already own with your service?

Is there any contract or minimum term length?

No, there is no minimum service or contract length associated with the Premium Plan. Within your account, you can cancel your monthly subscription to the Premium Plan at any time with no financial penalty.

Will you take a percentage of my sales?

No, PageSmack does not earn commission on sales that you generate on your website.

Is a Stripe account required for online bookings?

No, a Stripe account is only required if you wish to receive payment from your customers at the time of their online bookings or if you wish to charge customers' cards immediately following the delivery of your service.

What is the cost of a Stripe account?

Signup for Stripe is free and there are no monthly fees. The fees that you will pay Stripe are consistent with any other credit card processor and are $0.30 and 2.9% per successful transaction.

How will I be billed?

The Premium Plan is billed on a subscription basis. Your credit card will be charged each month for the cost of the subscription. There is no minimium contact length and you can cancel your subscription at any time from within your PageSmack account with no financial penalty.

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