The quotation process is vital to each and every service based business. For this reason, we’ve streamlined the process so that you can easily:
  • Create quotations
  • Obtain customer approval of quotations
  • Convert quotations to invoices
The quotation creation form is much like the booking form on your PageSmack-powered website. It does, however, have some key differences.

In addition to giving you the option of selecting from the same predefined services that appear on your website’s booking from, you can also add free form items and their cost.
Lastly, the quotation form gives you options with regards to whether or not the resulting appointment, which will be created on approval of the quotation, will be auto scheduled and if so, which team should be given preference.
Once you’ve completed the quotation, with the click of a button, you can email it to the client. This email will contain the quotation along with a link to a form where they can accept or reject the quotation.
Upon the customer's acceptance of the quotation:
  • You’ll be notified via email
  • A future-dated invoice will be created off of the quotation
  • An appointment will be created in your calendar
  • The appointment will be auto scheduled to the most appropriate team (if you’ve enabled this option in your settings)
If the client doesn’t wish to accept the quotation, they can offer an explanation before rejecting it via the form. You’ll be immediately notified of this rejection, which will give you an opportunity to follow up with the client and create a new quotation that suits their budget.
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