Payment Requests
If you’ve signed up for a free Stripe account and connected it to your PageSmack profile using our easy to follow instructions, you can send payment requests to your customers email account. Let’s go over how this works :)

First, open the invoice for the job that you’ve completed. This invoice may be the result of a customer’s online booking or it may be one that you’ve created yourself.
Click “Request Payment”. An email will be sent to the customer with the invoice and a link to a secure payment form.
The customer will open the secure payment form, enter his or her credit card details, and pay for the invoice.
Following payment, the customer will be emailed a receipt for their payment.


As a matter of security and policy, PageSmack does not store critical credit card information on its servers. For information on how Stripe, the world's largest online payment processor, allows you to securely process transactions using our platform, please see this help article.
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