Employee Portal - Self Scheduling
For trusted employees, giving them the ability to schedule themselves to unscheduled or underscheduled jobs is a great way to improve employee autonomy and reduce the amount of time that you spend scheduling. It works like this.

Open the employee settings of the employee that you wish to grant this permission to.

Indicate the period that the employee can schedule themselves to jobs. For example, if you indicate 7 in this field, the employee will be able to self schedule themselves to any unscheduled jobs that are booked to start within the next 7 days.
With this permission now granted, the employee can log into their employee portal. They’ll see a new link -- ‘Find Jobs’.
Upon clicking this link, they’ll be taken to the scheduler application where they can assign unscheudled and underscheduled jobs to themselves.
Within the events listing for a given invoice, you’ll be able to see if an employee scheduled themselves to the job.
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