About Us
We founded PageSmack in 2018 with the goal of creating a platform for entrepreneurs in the service industry. Knowing that these entrepreneurs often have little time to dedicate to marketing, we wanted to create a product that would allow them to easily and quickly build a website that would serve as a marketing hub for their business where customers could customize services, view pricing, make bookings, and pay online.
We believe that your website should be as much about driving sales and continuous improvement as it is about communicating your business’s value proposition. In keeping with this philosophy, we’ve designed our platform to assist you with each stage of the sales process. Coupons will help you track the effectiveness of your marketing. Our world-class booking form will help you acquire new customers and encourage repeat business. Our booking calendar will help you manage your time and online orders and, finally, customer surveys will provide valuable feedback on the quality of your company’s work.
PageSmack was borne out of the notion that web design is hard and that websites need to be more than just an advertisement – they need to be easy to update, drive sales, and save time for customers and businesses.

While drag-and-drop web page editors make web design accessible, in order to achieve a professional result, the user must be skilled in design. PageSmack’s platform was designed for small business owners who want a professional result, but lack web design experience. How is this accomplished? We ask users to provide information that is specific to their business, such as their logo, what services they offer, pricing, and contact information. Based on these inputs, a beautifully designed website is automatically generated with only relevant sections and pages. Users can make the design theirs by changing templates, accent colors and adding images. A fully customizable booking form and a platform to manage your sales and appointments completes the package.
Continuous Improvement
Like your business, ours is always striving to improve. We add new features at no additional cost and continuously ensure the security of platform. We welcome you to reach out to us regarding ideas for improvement or new features. We take client feedback seriously and will do everything in our power to build or enhance features that will help your business or its customers.
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About Us
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